Dine Around and Dine In!

Winning Bid: $325.00

Item condition: New

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  • $100 gift certificate to Sal D’s in Huntington.
  • $50 gift certificate from Leilu in Huntington.
  • $175 in gift certificates to The Shamrock in Huntington.
  • $50 gift certificate to Argyle Grill & Tavern.
  • $50 gift certificate to Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar.
  • 10, $5 gift certificates to Little Vincents.
  • $50.00 Gift Card to Victoria’s Market / Jewel of the Sea.
  • Homemade dinner for six cooked with love delivered to you by Big Bob’s Cooking!

Donated by: Sal D’s, James, Peter Buermann, and Robert Seinfeld, Little Vincents, Danny Rossi, The Argyle Grill, Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar, Billy Wolfe & Greg Bartolotta, Jewel of the Sea.
Valued at: $675

The $75 Shamrock gift certificate expires 3/17/21. The 2, $50 Shamrock gift certificates expire 8/31/21. The Argyle Grill expires 9/9/21. Barrique Kitchen expires 9/9/21. Big Bob’s Cooking expires 11/1/21.